Breaking some beauty myths

Is Lip Balm Addictive?

It’s true that everyone you know who uses lip balm REALLY uses lip balm. We’ve all heard the myth that many lip balms contain ingredients that keep lips chapped and therefore always in need of moisturizing. But there’s no scientific evidence to prove this. Experts believe the addictive behavior lip balm users tend to have comes from the psychological effect of having soft, smooth lips. When the lip balm wears off, users used to soft, supple lips lick their lips to hydrate them, which in turn dries them out.

Does Preparation H Really Help Puffy Eyes?

All my research shows the jury is still out on this debate, which has been raging among the beauty literati for ages. I asked Mally Roncal, makeup artists to the stars & the makeup artist for Tracy Reese at the NY Fashion shows & she told me something I can’t print but that translates to — she would never put a cream for the butt anywhere near the eye.

But it’s true others swear by Preparation H. Rona Berg, author of the book, “Beauty – The New Basics,” says the shark liver oil in Preparation H reduces water retention in the eye area just like it reduces hemorrhoidal tissues. Frankly, I’m too much of a wuss to try it.

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