Shampoo Secret Trick to Getting the Cleanest Hair Possible

An ingenius way to bottle your shampoo

Using the same shampoo over & over can cause build-up on hair, so some beauty experts suggest you change out shampoos every time you finish a bottle. Other experts think this is a myth & hair doesn’t get ‘used to’ shampoos. Build-up, however, exists & if you believe it’s best to alternate shampoos, you’ll love this tip.

My cousin Kat, an ex-model, shared a trick for shampoo she learned from her modeling days. It’s all about layering different shampoos together in a pump bottle. This way you get the benefits of different shampoos and don’t overuse just one.

To do this, buy a large pump bottle from a drugstore or online. Take up to 4 different shampoos and pour about 1/4 of one, then layer on top of that with 1/4 of another shampoo. Keep rotating until your pump bottle is full.

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